Just call me Half... (junkiechrist) wrote,
Just call me Half...

Four jobs, a car with bad health, and bills...

I've finally been hired at two more places right now.
I still have the two DJ companies I could work for but I've just accepted a job from Sage, working with my sista, and one down at the Feisty Bull Dog.

But unfortunately the car has been acting up. It's over heating and it's hard to figure out why?
Yesterday evening was spent replacing the oil gasket. As I learned how to change the oil, it still didn't solve the problem. So earlier today, I replaced the oil and coolant. And as I was driving to play the gig at camp, it was still acting up. The coolant reserve was shaking abruptly. The coolant in there was boiling? Not sure. So I had to bail on the gig, came back home, and tested the thermostat in boiling water to see if it was opening up. From what I could tell, it works...? So me and Hoots went through some forums and did some research. I don't know. Hoots sure helped a lot but this isn't good. I have DJ gigs tomorrow and Wednesday and I start working at the Feisty Bulldod that day two. I'm working all this week.
I plan on moving out to St. Louis to make things easier. And Eddy and Trish can move in and make a little profit from rent. But being able to drive a car at this moment is not gonna make things easier. I can hitch a bus it's not gonna help much.

It's rough. Should wake up early tomorrow and see what to do next.

I also added some new songs onto MySpace...
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