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How wrong it must feel

So I did something that I said I was never going to do...
I put up a MySpace...

Technically it's only an artist MySpace so I could expand my music more.
Garageband seems like a lot of work. Right now, I have a lot of time to work on things.

I don't believe I've mentioned this here but I got fired from the Four Points about three weeks ago. I was fired on the count of shoving cake in the dishwasher's face. There were a few of us in on it. I was just the martyr. After getting pissed, this kid went home and cried about it for two hours. Now when I say kid, I'm referring to this 18 6'1 redhead who is so up tight yet tries to act like he's shit. His mother was upset so she called the GM, Stacy, who happens to be related to them. So I get a call from one of my co-workers who was involved and she breaks the news that I was suspended until futher notice and that I needed to talk to Stacy. It was too late on that Friday to talk to her so I decided that with my time off I would take my brother back up to Chicago. Amy, the other one involved, then calls me back and says she got suspended as well. Stacy's on some shit. So they were out two of there main bartenders the next Saturday, and severely understaffed as it was. I believe it was on Sunday, while in Chicago, that Amy called me back revealing that Stacy was going around saying I was fired. Some crock of bullshit with not letting me know.
So I am finally relieved of that hellhole. But other's are still suffering.
Training to be Captain, Amy was demoted.
And my assistant banquet manager was also demoted to a regular server after she returns from maternity leave.
Another incident that happened recently was when the front desk manager Monica said some sort of joke to the two Amy's working their Wednesday night manager's get drunk reception and is no longer allowed to participate in the drinking. Stacy is on some other shit.
All the guys use to talk about how they would band Stacy... hard. But I could never bring myself to do that. She is evil. It's like high school over there. There is a manager clic, yes a manager clic with the female managers.
That place is turning into a shit hole more and more each day.
I'm not trying to be full of myself but it has seriously become a worse environment to work in. No one is really allowed to talk about the whole 'cake incident'. People have gotten piss.
And I knew that if they wanted to make an example of how strict they can be, they needed to fire me.

Now I'm broke, working a few DJ gigs but I still feel fine. I'm probably worse than my whole nervous break down but I'm still feeling better.

Okay here are some updates.
-myspace page http://www.myspace.com/yourjunkiechrist
-May 4th. Nado's Delight performing at Camp for a pre Cinco De Mayo gathering. We might be on 88.1 KDHX!
-May 22th. Nado's Delight performing at Camp for fundraiser.
-June 27th? Nado's Delight performing at The Royal.
-Started work today with another DJ company. Gateway DJ Entertainment. Owner is training me to DJ at clubs downtown. So... Yeah
Need to work right?
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