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Is this what a human being does...?

St. Louis is promoting a social lifestyle for myself. Including music, friends, and alcohol.
Now I still drink occasionally, I don't splurge my earnings liquor or beer. But a fraction has been spent on it these past weeks.
Right now I'm reading Chuck Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters, comaring his writing style to Fight Club's. Moving from the male perspective of rock bottom to the female interpretation of life as a fashion magazine.
I'm reading this as I rip Tony's selection of must hear music, and listening to Cat Power.
Reading books, listening to music, forming my being. All while the world is slowing detoxing itself.
Through others are we influenced. A scenario that I've been out of the loop with for a while. No longer am I the anti-social brother. I am ?Mark, Marky Q, Junkiechrist, little retarded brother.

Finally I am getting my own spotlight.
Smoking cigarettes and feeling the love.

One problem of mine is that I easily neglect things. Subjects, Objects, Mammals, References.
I just get tired easily. And forget about my responsibilities. My promises. (mostly to myself)

Things are coming together slowly, but not fast enough.
"of course not silly, you have to make things happen for yourself"
but what have I done so far for the greater good
"you still haven't grasp the concept of 'the greater good', your still figuring out yourself"
I thought I knew myself, just don't know what to Do with myself
"All that will happen, Will happen. For others, the world, and you. Don't expect people to expect something from you."

Okay, for now I'll just return to this book.
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