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Day 4 of Detox

This master cleanse is not as hard as it seems, other than the fact I want to go get Taco Bell right now.
Tera had quit as of last night, I texted her today looking for moral support from a fellow detoxer. Made me sad. But maybe it will strengthen my resolve. I'm aiming for the 1st of the month. Dee and I started a bet for $20 to see who could go longer, but do I win seeing as she had a small amount of something after we made the bet? And we had this pasta with chicken at work which I would have eaten. And the room I worked for had ice cream with cookies in it. Not cheap shit but milano shit.
It's hard not to think about food. Pizza with the works, fried rice with ham, won ton soup, mexican pizza from Taco Bell, free apptizer plate from any place my coupon book allows.
My eating habits suck.
I am overly dependent for food. I am a glutton. So much we've let our selves become dependent on. One day I will live in the woods.

Huh, trying to think of something else that would be delicious, but I've lost interest.
Anyways, my view of it.
I just gotta keep preoccupied with music or playing video games.
And thinking that my time is not as long as it seems.
And that I don't want to waste this batch of retardo juice that I've already made.
Or I don't want to waste the lemons I have left.
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